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English Grammar A2 Test

That’s How the grammar test a2 works

  • 21 points must be scored to pass
  • The test consists of multiple-choice questions.
  • Only one answer is correct at a time.
  • The test is divided into different parts.
  • Take the test without interruption.
  • Take the test without help.
  • The test is free of charge.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions.

We wish you a lot of success!

English Grammar A2

English Grammar A2

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1. The house is bigger ______ the garden.
2. Grandpa is 69. Bob is 27. Joe  is 13. Joe is ______ of the group.
3. Which sentence is correct?
4. The mountains have ____ snow at the peak and _____ animals at the bottom.
5. Which noun is uncountable?
6. Which word is spelled correctly?
7. Choose the best answer. Today is December 23rd. Tomorrow ____ fun because we ____ presents.
8. Which sentence is correct?
9. I do not like where we are going…
10. If I ____ the water to 100 ℃, it ___ a gas.
11. Choose the correct question.
12. Choose the correct question.
13. Choose the correct question.
14. Let’s go to the store. No, I ____ home at the moment.
15. Tell your friends something. Be very polite ( polite = nice ).
16. Give your friend some advice about a job. You think that…
17. Choose the best answer. Where is he?
18. Choose the best answer. When is the start of the show?
19. You tell your friend your future plans:
20. Where is your father? He is ___ the bus.
21. If the bridge was _____ his head, he walked _____ the bridge.
22. Go to the front of the house! The dog is _____ the door.
23. Officer, he ______ when the man _____ .
24. I _____ to the store yesterday.
25. They _____ basketball.
26. She ______ to music every Sunday in the morning.
27. They _____ at the moment, but they usually _______ at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesdays.
28. That is very stupid. Why ______  at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesdays?
29. Make the following sentence negative: You all are cooking enough food.
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