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That’s How the grammar test b1 works

  • 22 points must be scored to pass
  • The test consists of multiple-choice questions.
  • Only one answer is correct at a time.
  • The test is divided into different parts.
  • Take the test without interruption.
  • Take the test without help.
  • The test is free of charge.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions.

We wish you a lot of success!

English Grammar B1

English Grammar B1

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1. The building is bigger than I thought.
2. The building is ____ big _____ with traditional methods.
3. Complete the short dialogue with the correct sentence: John: _______   Joe: _______  Susan: I want to go because I like the music.
4.  _______ the dishwasher before leaving the house?
5. Joe became frustrated with his roommate Susan. Did you start the dishwasher ___ ?
6. Choose the grammatically correct sentence:
7. In response to Joe’s frustration. Susan told her friend that she would  _____ live with someone else _____ live with Joe. 
8. Susan told John that he is a _______ roommate ______ .
9. Your presentation on farmers was not ____ expected.
10. Leaving the country was the best idea        I ever had.
11. John ____ when I heard a sound in the garden.
12. Choose the correct sentence.
13. They _____ that they _____ because he ____ there.
14. Do you hear that noise? John ____ the dishwasher.
15. Which statement best describes the meaning behind the following: Teacher: Have you done your homework?
16. Choose the correct sentence:
17. Four people will attend the conference. Therefore, ____will attend.
18. If you send me some projects  ______, I will consider you for the job.
19. I do not want a new fork. No, I just want one fork. Can you give me _____?
20. The music suddenly filled the room. Choose a correct alternative to this sentence:
21. Did you get the car fixed? I _____ , but then I started to watch TV instead.
22. I promise. _______  , I will take the car into the shop.
23. Make a prediction about the weather: The weather _____ tomorrow
24. What are his plans for tomorrow? 
25. Yesterday, I did not start my homework because ______
26. Last week, she said _______  .
27. When I got a faster computer, I ______ answer e-mails faster.
28. I do not like that shirt. You ____ a new one.
29. If he ______ enough money, he  ______  his job.
30. Choose the correct question. Be polite:
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