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That’s How the Vocabulary test C2 works

  • 21 must be scored to pass.
  • The test consists of multiple-choice questions.
  • Only one answer is correct at a time.
  • The test is divided into different parts.
  • Take the test without interruption.
  • Take the test without help.
  • The test is free of charge.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions.

We wish you a lot of success!

English Vocabulary C2

English Vocabulary C2

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1. We had agreed to meet today at 9am, but for no __________ reason he decided to cancel at the last second.
2. The princess's nanny's autobiography really gives the __________ on life among the royals.
3. Some top executives at the company were caught authorizing illegal activities, but because of their political influence they were just given a ___________.
4. Working 14 hours a day can be incredibly _______ on one's health.
5. The committee had 5 options, but after a whole day of discussions they ___________ to two.
6. I'm sorry to say this, but your reasoning just doesn't hold___________.
7. Due to internal political strife and mismanagement, the country's economy has been ___________ for some years now. 
8. Next week, the university will at last decide ___________ whether we have to attend summer classes or not. 
9. Despite the chaos of the situation, she appeared completely unphased. She just looked at me and gave a __________ shrug.
10. Breaking the rules is a bad idea, but sometimes it's ok to __________ them a little bit.
11. I refuse to ___________ with his bad behaviour any longer!
12. One man's __________ is another man's ___________.
13. The above cited examples __________ weight to Professor Smith's assertions. 
14. There were so many possibilities, I just didn't which one to __________.
15. The fame and the money drove a __________ between us and the rest of the family. 
16. Coal-fired power plants ___________ the majority of Australia's electricity. 
17. Jonny has been in bed all day, I'm afraid. He's as sick as a _________.
18. Published in 2005, this book provides ___________ advice about dealing with credit card debt.
19. Having acquired funding for the new project, the company ___________ hiring engineers to draw up the blueprints.
20. In his paper, the professor __________ to a number of studies which interested me.
21. John was feeling on edge before the exam. He was starting to get ___________ in his stomach.
22. I'm so tired! I think it's time to ___________.
23. Many people have an aversion to __________ sports such as dogfighting or some kinds of hunting.
24. It's strange that Chris and Andy are such good friends, because they have widely ___________ opinions on a lot of topics.
25. The classroom bully always seems to ___________ the same boy.
26. Little Billy opened up his toy box and started __________ through it. He was looking for something desperately.
27. Our neighbours' boy always wears ripped up jeans and T-shirts too big for him. I must say he looks very ___________.
28. It's time for you to go on stage. __________.
29. Once the chocolate prizes had been removed, the children's interest in the game very quickly ___________.
30. They only invited me to join the board as a ____________woman.
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