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About me

My name is Gareth and I am Welsh/British and currently live in Newport, South Wales. I have been a teacher of English as a foreign language for the last 8 years and taught ESL in the U.K, Italy, Greece and the Marshall Islands. I have both a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and CELTA qualifications, which taught me a myriad of different skills and methodologies to help students learn and improve in their studies.

Teaching is a huge passion of mine, and has been for a very long time. I think this is important because having a teacher care about their field is integral to having an enjoyable learning experience. Learning a language needs to be relevant, it needs to be applicable, but above all it needs to be enjoyable. No one has learned anything or become passionate about a subject if they never enjoyed doing it.

I have a lot of experience in general English language instruction, but also in exam preparation courses such as Trinity GESE 1-9, Trinity ISE, Cambridge FCE & CAE, IELTS and Michigan.

My biggest suggestion for learning English, is to think about what hobbies or interests you enjoy in your own language. Then do this in English! If you love film, watch English language films, if you love reading, start reading English language books!


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