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My name is Luca, I am Italian and I am an Italian teacher.

I would describe myself as a language enthusiast: I speak Italian, German, English and Spanish and I have always been fascinated by both learning foreign languages and teaching other people my mother tongue. For this reason, after I graduated, I taught Italian in Spain and then I refined my skills by obtaining the certification DITALS II (Certification of Competence in Didactics of Italian as a Foreign Language). Since 2020 I have been teaching online on a regular basis.

My purpose is to support you, to create a joyful atmosphere so that the lessons are interesting and pleasant for you, and to understand your needs and what best suits you. Thanks to our work you will use Italian for your travels, for your own interests (cinema/literature/music), for communication with your relatives in Italy, for a better knowledge of the country or for passing a certification exam. We can practice all the skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing), grammar and vocabulary, talk about important topics of Italian culture and current news of the country and use different materials to overcome your difficulties and familiarize yourself with the Italian language.

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