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Обо мне


After graduating from high school, I studied philology (linguistics) at university. Russian as a foreign language was my specialization. Since the year 2000 until today I have been teaching Russian as a foreign language.


I have long and good experience in “e-learning” (online teaching) individually or in small groups. As a native Russian speaker and certified language teacher, I offer: online Russian lessons (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling) at any level, including special offers, such as “Russian for vacationers”, “Russian for entrepreneurs “, “Preparation for exams in Russian for pupils and students “.


I like to paint and travel when I have time.

Обо мне

I believe that learning a foreign language is a fascinating and very useful activity. However, it requires daily practice, energy, patience and willpower. In any case, it is worth doing. I know very well that for every student there comes a time when a foreign language is no longer just a system of exercises and repetitions, but it becomes a real means of communication.  Supporting people in language development is always a challenge for me, which I gladly accept. I know from experience what needs to be done to teach someone a foreign language.


I started teaching my native language, which I love very much, almost 20 years ago.  Among my students were and are people of different ages and with different reasons to learn Russian. I respond to their different learning styles on an individual basis, taking into account their pace, abilities and goals.  Learning a foreign language also means experiencing a different culture or mentality.  If you are planning a trip to Moscow, St. Petersburg or another Russian-speaking region, if you want to learn what “the Russian soul” really means, or if you are about to take a Russian exam – I will be happy to support you.


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