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Online French Teacher Jobs

Teach French Online via Skype or Zoom.

Become part of the homestudies French Teacher Team.

This is how you belong to us


  • You love languages
  • you are reliable and well organized
  • French native speaker
  • Have completed a degree
  • Professional experience in online teaching
  • It is fun to work with you
  • You speak German or another language


  • High speed internet
  • Microphones and Headset
  • Computer with camera
  • You are a freelancer

3 Points why to teach French online


1. No loss of time at arrival

Teach online with one click in the online classroom. No time wasted travelling to a student. So you can plan your timetable precisely.

2. Concentration on core activity

You can fully concentrate on your online French lessons. Don’t waste time answering free consultations, marketing or course questions.

3. No minimum or maximum commitment

You decide how many French lessons you want to teach per week and how many students you want to supervise.

Our Vision

A second or third language opens up new horizons. It changes a life when we speak another language.

More cultures become accessible to us. It is our vision to support people in learning languages and to walk this exciting path together.

We are an aspiring online language school from Switzerland that specializes in helping our students learn a language that positively changes their lives.

Teachers and students from German-speaking countries meet in the virtual classroom to teach, interact and learn.

Become a professional Online
French Teacher


About your application

We started offering professional online teaching in 2013 with a few hand-picked teachers.

We first do a proper interview to get to know you better.

Later we will inform you about the process and the next steps. Then you are ready to teach professionally online.

What do our Teachers say about us?

Everybody knows what life is like as a freelancer.
Ever-changing workloads and schedules, no certainty about the future, being obliged to accept dirt-cheap jobs just to make sure you can pay your bills, always waiting for the telephone to ring.
Ok, your friends admire you because of your „flexibility“ and your free time during the day. What they don’t know is how many nights and weekends you have to work instead…
Things changed when I met the guys of homestudies, a Zürich based, rock solid online language school.
Working with homestudies gives me certainty, regarding both work hours and income. I just work as much as I want. So, plenty of time for other things is always guaranteed, be it for personal development, hobbies, higher education or friends and family.
Another plus is that I may work whereever I like, be it at home or any other place with internet.
Now that I’ve been enjoying all this for a couple of years, I can absolutely not imagine to return to the old routine. I’ve almost forgotten what it used to be like in the old days!
Gerhard Online Deutschlehrer

I really appreciate the effort you have put in your team. I know you have been putting in a lot of extra time contributing your talents and skills to the team and to the project. The feedback you give is motivating and brings out the best in us. I value that you are human, that you don’t hide behind your authority and that you aren’t afraid to be yourself. This inspires great loyalty. Thank you for being part of your team.
Sylvia Online Deutschlehrerin

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