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English Grammar C1

English Grammar C1

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1. It is advised that the new students _____ .
2. My bicycle worked better than           .
3. Choose the best answer. If we do not meet our targets - _________ - then we will lose clients to our competitors.
4. How do the word “up” and the phrase “in the dictionary” function in the following  sentence: I looked it up in the dictionary from Cambridge University.
5. Choose the correct sentence:
6. Choose the sentence that best combines the following sentences: Jason finished his homework. Then, Jason decided to play with his friends.
7. Bob regretted his negligence. “If I ____ then it  ___ .”
8. Correctly abbreviate the following sentence: The patients could stay in the relaxation ward if they found themselves tired.
9. Choose the best sentence. Josephine is a genius. ______ .
10. Negate the following sentence: Let him win!
11. Choose the best sentence. You _____ your son more time.  _______ .
12.  ________ the guitar. _______ the piano.
13. Choose the best sentence. The college charges ______ .
14. My coworker has a very nice friend who has a bookcase for sale. I would like to purchase this bookcase, however, because it looks better ______ .
15. Choose the best answer. I wish there were more computers in the library. There _______ .
16. Choose the best sentence:
17. Combine the two sentences appropriately: I always hated listening to metal music. The radio was playing music. I turned it off.
18. Choose the best answer. I do not understand why the students ____ the midterms yesterday. They need to study more now. _____ still since the beginning of the semester?
19. Choose a grammatically correct sentence to replace the following sentences: Joe is a fantastic dance teacher. The people love to dance when he teaches.
20. There were four tour guides. Three tour guides did not know what they were doing. Yet, we had a fantastic time with the tour guide for our group because _____ .
21. The deadline is Thursday! You need to tell him that he          before Wednesday so that I can check the finished product properly.
22. Choose the correct sentence:
23. Format the following e-mail correctly: ________ the necessary documents for the legal trail.   Best wishes, John
24. Choose the best answers to complete the following sentences: Please give the following gift to the hockey club ____ . Mention all the club events ____.
25. Abbreviate (shorten) the following relative clauses properly: They consoled the horse scared by the yelling. They also arrested the people that were yelling at the animals.
26. Choose the most incorrect sentence.
27. The project is 95% complete. I started the project last week, and I am going to work on the project today. My boss asked me how the project looks. I told him that " ______ ".
28. For Christmas, he would like ____ car and ____ .
29.  _______  single person attended the event.
30. Combine the two sentences without losing information while filling in the blank: Her acumen transcends ______  . She is rising to the level of head professor.
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