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Englisch Wortschatz C1

Englisch Wortschatz C1

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1. Both companies have insisted that they were acting __________ with the law.
2. That business man is rich. He is has __________ a lot of money.
3. He took the __________ of locking the door.
4. It's difficult to hear you. Could you please __________ your voice.
5. Those chairs only cost $5. That would be __________ option.
6. I suggest you __________ the proposal before rejecting it.
7. As the __________ heir of the family, he will inherit all the family's wealth. 
8. The writer __________  some of the criticisms put forward against him during the interview.
9. There is a growing tendency _________ companies to employ people on short contracts.
10. His knee problem is __________ his cycling career.
11. The surfer said that riding the waves can be the __________ of a lifetime.
12. The army's response was __________ by a combination of political and social factors.
13. He made me an offer of $30. Will you be able to __________ that?
14. We need some __________ in the organisation to help generate ideas and energy.
15. It's not for me, but Jane seems to ___________ in that stressful work environment.
16. After the US pulled out there has been a __________ in peace talks.
17. Repairing damaged nerves is a very __________ operation.
18. Supply and _________.
19. Even though I'm 82 years old, giving up my job is completely ___________ to me.
20. After a hard day's work, what I like to do is sit back on my couch with a beer and ___________.
21. The heart pumps blood around the body via a network of __________.
22. He changes jobs so often that I __________.
23. After her divorce, the celebrity tried to __________ to avoid the paparazzi.
24. Another way to say, "you look sad," is to say: __________.
25. He downplayed his knowledge of the subject by saying "I __________ an expert."
26. The club needs new __________ to stay alive.
27. A short sleep can be called a __________.
28. That man is never open to anything new. He's so __________.
29. We enjoyed our stay in Italy so much that we _________ our stay by 3 weeks!
30. I'm sorry I'm late. I _________ in traffic.
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