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  • Le test consiste en des questions à choix multiples.
  • Une seule réponse est correcte à la fois.
  • Passez le test sans interruption.
  • Passez le test sans aide.
  • Le test est gratuit.
  • Lisez et acceptez les conditions générales.

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Niveau A1: 0 – 6
Niveau A2: 7 – 13
Niveau B1: 14 – 20
Niveau B2: 21 – 30
Niveau C1: 31 – 37
Niveau C2: 38 – 40

English Placement Test A1-C2 FR
Q.1) I ______ eighteen years old.
Q.2) We enjoy ______ chocolate.
Q.3) I have ______ to New York twice.
Q.4) The girls were eating pizza ______ a little restaurant ______ Duke Street.
Q.5) Paul has lived in Rome ______ he was seven years of age.
Q.6) I wish we ______ booked the flight earlier.
Q.7) The sky is full of dark clouds. It ______ rain heavily.
Q.8) There are ______ Indian elephants in the world today.
Q.9) I’ve been to Sydney many times but I ______ get lost.
Q.10) The manager ______ the employees to check their payslips carefully in case of any mistakes.
Q.11) Jennifer ______ orange juice but now she doesn’t.
Q.12) The company’s latest laptop ______ just gone into production.
Q.13) Last night, Christopher heard a noise downstairs when he was in bed. His cat was asleep on his bed, so it ______ been the cat.
Q.14) Danielle has always loved ______ time with animals. She would really like to become a vet one day.
Q.15) “If only you ______ stop texting people at the dinner table.”
Q.16) My daughter Eleanor really admires tennis players. She ______ them.
Q.17) The ______ physical exercise you do the ______ you will become.
Q.18) My grandmother is ______ agile as she used to be when she was younger.
Q.19) Firefighters ______ fires.
Q.20) If he ______ won the lottery, he wouldn’t have ______ money from the bank to buy a new car.
Q.21) The spectators all cheered as their teams ran out onto the rugby ______.
Q.22) I have no brothers or sisters. Therefore, I am an ______ child.
Q.23) Which is the odd one out?
Q.24) Which is the odd one out when describing the weather?
Q.25) My father is a doctor, he treats many ______ daily.
Q.26) The disease ______ to neighbouring countries.
Q.27) It took the jury nine hours to reach their ______.
Q.28) After his hospital operation, Luke felt tired and ______.
Q.29) My cat had to be put down last week. I ______ into tears when my parents told me the news.
Q.30) The wildlife charity allows people to ______ an animalfrom the list of endangered species.
Q.31) Due to the ongoing financial crisis, the company has experienced a decrease in ______.
Q.32) The dealer was ______ to negotiate with the customer on the price of the new car.
Q.33) The students ______ on the science project.
Q.34) Michael was dreading the exam, he felt fairly ______ about passing it.
Q.35) King Edward VIII ______ the throne in 1936.
Q.36) The archaeologists discovered valuable ______ evidence at the site.
Q.37) Our teacher, who is a perfectionist is ______ when it comes to marking homework and exams.
Q.38) The chef ______ the piece of steak before placing it into a ______ pan.
Q.39) The situation was in the process of becoming worse. It was ______ out of control.
Q.40) Vast ______ of the country were ______ into darkness as a result of the power cut.
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