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Test de vocabulaire anglais B2


  • 21 points doivent être obtenus pour réussir
  • Le test consiste en des questions à choix multiples.
  • Une seule réponse est correcte à la fois.
  • Le test est divisé en différentes parties.
  • Passez le test sans interruption.
  • Passez le test sans aide.
  • Le test est gratuit.
  • Lisez et acceptez les conditions générales.

Nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de succès !

English Vocabulary B2

English Vocabulary B2

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1. He wasn't able to concentrate because he was ____________ with the death of his mother.
2. When she found out her son had crashed the car she was ____________.
3. The police were unable to convict the criminal because there was no ___________
4. The pirate fell off the ship into the water and _____. 
5. The plot and the music of movie built up the dramatic ___________ until the climax.
6. In a scathing review of the movie, the critic wrote "it is __________ the worst movie ever made". 
7. "Cattle" refers to what kind of animal?
8. Which word does not belong?
9. Ivan the Terrible was a/an__________ leader of Russia who ordered many killings.
10. I was __________ to leave the company, but I knew that it was necessary.
11. Having lost his job and gone through a divorce in the last six months, it is safe to say this has been a ___________ time for Louis.
12. People who flee from their country due to war or famine are called __________.
13. The amount you earn is referred to as your __________.
14. There has been a great deal of __________ for the latest Disney movie.
15. The news media have reported on several __________ oil spills around the world recently. 
16. Our factory in Poland ___________ the parts which are then ready for assembly in any location in Europe.
17. The idea of moving to a foreign country alone without knowing the language is quite _____________ to me.
18. That girl can't stop looking at magazines: she's ____________ with them.
19. Every car must have a __________ which is a series of letters and numbers.
20. Replying to dozens of emails every morning can be very ___________.
21. The business is in __________ because of financial mismanagement.
22. I was so __________ when the boy pulled my pants down in front of everybody!
23. __________ of the small town were concerned about news of a murder of James Street.
24. My boss was very ____________ when we spoke on the phone: he said we must have the project finished and on his desk by 6 o'clock tomorrow evening.
25. ___________ is a popular way for singles to pay less for accomodation.
26. Companies sometimes delegate ____________ to headhunters.
27. On a ___________ all shops are closed and everyone has the day off work.
28. In order to apply for a passport, one must have ___________ of that country.
29. I will not sign the agreement, because I __________ your offer. 
30. The opposite of "deep" is __________.
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