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Test your Italian language skills now with our online Italian Placement Test

Our Italian online placement test is suitable for learners with language level A1 to C2. The Italian test takes about 35 minutes and is only available online. The online Italian placement test is non-binding and free.


Test your Italian level online for free

Have you ever started learning Italian and would like to know where you can start? Or do you simply want to test how good your Italian is? No problem. You can fill out our online Italian placement test simply and easily with us. Afterwards you will find out immediately which level of Italian from A1 to C2 you currently have.

Do you want to start right away? Then that’s absolutely fine. If you would like to find out more about the structure of the test and the grading of the results of the Italian placement test, please keep on reading.


Structure Italian Placement Test

The Italian placement test consists of a total of 70 questions. The questions are multiple choice. One answer has to be selected in each case. The questions are divided thematically: There are 30 questions on grammar, 30 questions on vocabulary and 10 questions on reading comprehension. You have a maximum of 35 minutes to answer the questions. We recommend that you take the test without help and without interruption so that you get the most accurate result possible.

Do you want to start the Italian test already? Just click here.


Evaluation Italian Placement Test

If you answer 96% of the questions correctly, you have the highest language level C2. If you answer half of the questions correctly, you have approximately language level B1. Below you can see the full breakdown of the results:

Level A1: 0% – 20%

Level A1: 21% – 35%

Level A2: 36% – 50%

Level B1: 51% – 65%

Level B2: 66% – 80%

Level C1: 81% – 95%

Level C2: 96% – 100%


Would you like to do even more Italian online tests?

In the near future our Italian teachers will create further smaller tests on vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension. If you want to stay up to date – subscribe to our newsletter. Until then, you can also take various tests in other languages that you may already have mastered in part or in full. Click here for all homestudies online language tests.


PS: Learning Italian is always worthwhile. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for study or professional purposes or for travel. In our online language school, we offer online private lessons via Skype. You can test us free of charge and without obligation with a free trial lesson. We look forward meeting you!



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