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Englisch Grammatik B2

Englisch Grammatik B2

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1. I would rather be able to start a charitable foundation than _____  .
2. Choose the correct sentence:
3. Choose the correct sentence:
4. Choose the correct sentence:
5. In which sentence is the gerund “losing $1000 every second” the subject?
6. Sending my package to the billing address was a mistake! If you had just sent the package to the sending address written on the bill,  __________.
7. The government never gives money back to its citizens. The local roads_____ .
8. We go to sleep early and we wake up early to do our homework. The new schedule is great for our school career because we _____  .
9. Choose the sentence that summarizes the plot of a story in the correct tense and grammar:
10. Complete the sentence in the most logical way. I like the plot to her story, but the plot to my story is ______ .
11. I started the project two weeks ago; however, I am not finished with the project. I am almost done, though. Yesterday, I told my boss the truth when I said that _________ .  
12. Which sentence refers to a specific future event.
13. Choose the best sentence: I plan to keep my job for a long time. I am excited to stay with this company into the future. Next October, _____!
14. She must complete the project by the end of the year. Did she promise you that ______.
15. Combine the following sentences: I find those people interesting. They are dancing to an old musical number from The Lion King.
16. I love the room _____  he has replicas of the Mona Lisa.
17. The president said that he would like students ______ by teachers with a Master’s degree.
18. The managers are acting unethically at the moment. For example, ____ by the managers.
19. Choose the sentence with the adverb (quickly) in the incorrect position.
20. Choose the best answer. John regretted his decision to drop out of school and start a company. He told his mother, “______”.
21. Everyone on the team does a fantastic job except Jane. I told Jane that if she does not learn to do her job properly she ______!
22. I could not believe she completed the jump. It is ______!
23. Today, there is a 70 percent chance of rain. John thinks about his plans for tomorrow:
24. He can help us the most by ______
25. Correctly separate the following sentence into two sentences: I told her to restart the project because it unfortunately did not work last time.
26. ________ , the researchers did not want to reveal their secrets.
27. Choose the sentence where the word “that” must remain in the sentence.
28. Choose the correct sentence.
29. Choose the correct sentence.
30. Choose the best sentence.
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