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Hi there.. Do you want to improve your English? Maybe you need to pass an exam for your University entrance, or train for that super important job interview? Or even just feel more comfortable with the language while travelling? Well, you’re in the right place.


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About me

Having grown up bi-lingual in South Africa and studied 4 other foreign languages, I really understand your anxiety in speaking and listening to a new language. But we’ll overcome that together. For me, teaching is learning too… an experience shared between teacher and student, so no just forcing our way through boring coursebooks… you enjoy skiing? We’ll talk about that. You need to work on listening? We’ll listen to articles you are interested in. To learn a language, you need to enjoy it and use it! And, I’ll even help you in basic German if necessary.

     You’ll find I have a range of interests, in fact after graduating with a BA degree in History and Classical Studies, I worked in Retail Travel for 10 years before embarking on Cruise ships and travelling widely as a Shore excursion expert for 3 years. Then I settled in southern Italy where I began my teaching career. Apart from a 150 hour TEFL-TESOL Master Certificate, I have a Grammar teaching certificate, a level 5 Diploma in Travel and Tourism and am working on one in Editing and Proofreading. I also teach Italian to foreigners.

    While my main strength lies in training students for Cambridge exams from A2 up to C1, I have extensive experience with the Trinity GESE exams from Level 1 to Level 8 and can assist students with Trinity SEW, IELTS and English for specific purposes, such as for Tourism (all fields), Nautical certification, Spa and Beautician work, Commercial purposes and also Historical research.   However, if you simply want to enjoy informal lessons that will help your understanding and conversation in English, I am more than happy to do this too.

     21 years of both face to face and online lessons in state and private schools in Italy, as well as private lessons, have given me the privilege of meeting and assisting hundreds of students from all walks of life and I look forward to including you as one of them.

      In these uncertain times, Online learning is the way forward. No transport troubles, more time-efficient and definitely more environmentally friendly. So, come on, why not take a Trial lesson and we’ll start you on your journey toward your goal.