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Test de vocabulaire anglais B1


  • 22 points doivent être obtenus pour réussir
  • Le test consiste en des questions à choix multiples.
  • Une seule réponse est correcte à la fois.
  • Le test est divisé en différentes parties.
  • Passez le test sans interruption.
  • Passez le test sans aide.
  • Le test est gratuit.
  • Lisez et acceptez les conditions générales.

Nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de succès !

English Vocabulary B1

English Vocabulary B1

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1. What should I do? I can never _________.
2. A: What time is it? B: It's 8.15 - a _________ past eight. 
3. Black is the _________ of white.
4. I don't like school! It's so __________. 
5. The waiter __________ a mistake on the bill. He wrote $600 instead of $60!
6. Which word does not belong?
7. I like the _________ of fine wine.
8. I wouldn't call him a friend: we have only known each other for one week. He is more of a/an ___________.
9. Oh, are you going to a party this weekend? What is the __________?
10. You should always tell the truth: don't ___________!
11. We had to pay a small __________ to enter the museum.
12. I'm so sorry! Please __________ me.
13. I bought a car! At first I didn't want to buy it, but then the car salesman ____________ me to get it.
14. I __________ in a smalll town outside the city.
15. We have had a long discussion and reached the __________ that we need to change our strategy.
16. Music has always been her ___________.
17. I __________ with some friends on the weekend.
18. He is a waiter. She is a __________.
19. That is the __________ building in the city.
20. How do I __________ to the train station?
21. Do you want me to ____________ you to my friend Sally?
22. It's a very sunny day today. I think it's very ___________ that it will rain. 
23. My job is terrible. I'm going to __________ and look for a new one.
24. It's so loud in this room! It's giving me a ___________.
25. Their teacher doesn't ___________ them use mobile phones in class.
26. She ___________ a business woman.
27. After a long day at work I like to come home and __________.
28. I don't ___________ going out tonight.
29. A: Are there any ____________ to join the class? B: Yes, you need an A2 level of English.
30. Most people have ten ___________.
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