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13 years ago, I said goodbye to my desk job in communications
to gain a foothold in diverse, dynamic adult education
(SVEB 1). For several years I worked as a German teacher (DaF) at language schools and as
self-employed in Switzerland and Spain, dealing with the most diverse
people. An immeasurable enrichment.
Since the end of 2019, I live again in Andalusia. In addition to online German lessons, I also offer
lessons under the open sky, because in nature we can switch off well and our
mind is free to absorb new. Why not try a Skype walk lesson
in between? ;o)
I look forward to getting to know you.


About me

Hello and Grüezi
The fascinating thing about learning (Spanish, English, French, Italian – ages ago once
Old Greek and Latin) and teaching foreign languages (German and Züridütsch) is
for me the broadening of horizons, which goes along with it in each case. How do you look at things
in another culture, how do people “tick” and how does that influence their
German is my mother tongue, I love it. Likewise, I love to get my students excited about the
peculiarities of the terrible German language – as the writer Mark Twain affectionately called it in
a humorous speech. If you enjoy separable
verbs, alternating prepositions, or even adjective declension, I’m happy with
you. I will be happy to help you reach your next German goal. Language lessons
should be fun and efficient. The content, the pace I adapt to your needs.
At the age of six, I came as a native German with my family to Zurich, where
I also studied (Master of Arts in German studies, journalism and social and
economic history). 


Long term availability

Monday - Friday